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I'm noticing that a few people beyond the core group have begun visiting my blog. And given that I'm often frustrated with blogs that I visit that don't give any context for the person who is writing it, I've decided that I need a little "About Me" section. Given my previously mentioned skittishness about personal information, it won't be that detailed, but I did want to add in something for the curious.

Sea-Fever is the title of one my favorite poems by English Poet John Masefield. I love it for its lulling, wave-like rhythm. I derive much of my personal refreshment from being near, in or on a body of water. I used to call myself The Captain because this blog is my ship, a vessel of exploration, and I am at the helm. But the Captain felt like an awkward handle for commenting on other blogs, so I've switched to Ms. Feverish.

A few details of my offline life: I live on the East Coast and I'm around 30. I work in a professional field, as a researcher for an organization that I'll simply call The Project.

I have a sister A and an a brother J and a sister(-in-law) D. My father is a newly minted member of the clergy, and my mom also works for a religious institution. They are lovingly known as "The God Squad."

I have two grey tabby cats, Oscar and Daisy, who look like brother and sister, but aren't.

I'm also a rower. I've coached and rowed for the past 17 years.

I also dance a mean salsa. I have rhythm, but little hand-eye coordination.

I enjoy the life of the mind and a good tussle with ideas.

But I also like to get outdoors at almost every opportunity, to run around and make things grow. I have a tree in my apartment.

I can bake, but not cook. And I love drinking tea. I love it so much that they know me by sight at my favorite tea house.

I have red hair and freckles, and I wouldn't mention it, but red hair is inescapably defining, and is a part of who I am, both internally and externally constructed.