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July 29, 2009


 I wish that more of my long held friends lived near me. Sometimes it seems that even when we are all in the same general place, the logistics of family and children, as well as optimistic ideas of what "close" is ("hey, we're in town! well, we're an hour from you with no traffic, but we're close, really!") keep us from getting together in person.

So we try - to squeeze in phone calls, to work around the schedules of cranky toddlers and exhausted parents, work schedules and time zones. We send emails and photos, check in on Facebook, and do our best to stay connected. I've gotten over (mostly) worrying about "bothering" my friends when I call - they can either not answer, or tell me when I call that its not a good time and I"ll call back again later.

Of course its not the same as being in the same place. Days like today I wish there was someone I could call up and say, "time for a drink tonight?" or where I wish I lived in a neighborhood where I was connected to people, rather than surrounded by transience. Where if I sat on my front stoop or porch, that they're be someone else to talk to, even if it's just a neighbor nodding as she walked by.

But this is how our lives work in these diasporic times, when people move around for jobs and school and life, and particularly in this fair city which seems to make almost a sport of the flow of people through it. Many of us no longer live near those we're closest to, and so we look to media to knit us back together when face to face interaction isn't possible.But Facebook isn't quite the same as facetime, is it? The nuance, the laughter, the conversational flow are all missing, and right now, I miss it.

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