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July 28, 2009


It has been One of Those Days. Well, not actually one of Those, but a day when the good generally coexists with the bad, but you focus on the bad anyway.

Hot and sticky weather makes most things seem less bearable, which is no doubt part of it. Made a potentially expensive blunder, had a tough conversation with a friend, and got some advice I'd have rather not heard. The advice was true and well-meant, but the delivery left a lot to be desired, and mostly consisted of someone blundering into a situation to give advice with out really understanding the situation itself. And I bought a watch that I know is ugly out of desperation - watchless, and having worn the dress watch into the shower for the 16th time, hurriedly taking it off, drying it and then promptly forgetting to put it back on, I went and bought a rubbery plastic thing, that can go on runs and in the pool and shower, and which I wont forget - though now I wonder whether that's because its so ugly that"ll never invisibly blend into my daily wear. Though I suspect that even with my previous watches, the blending was only in my mind, rather than in the eye of the beholder.

I am trying to focus on the good things - the mini-moment of office camaraderie when we took our departing research assistant out for smoothies, the sense of accomplishment from moving a project through yet another step on its way to completion. The sense of relief in donating a few bags of stuff and paring down just a tiny bit more, the clutter that sometimes feels comforting but also often burdensome. And the pleasure in spending money given as a gift, earmarked not for bills, or debt or groceries but you.

And the long planned and anticipated vacation, threatened repeatedly with the work-related derailments of two different parties to the trip appears to have been pulled out of its nose-dive by my mother, my grandmother and an old friend from nursery school as well as some creative rescheduling. 

So, like I said, good and bad. And there's really no response to a day like this except for to recognize that you've got blinders to all but the bad and go to bed and hope the ratio of good - to -unnoticed - to bad is better tomorrow.

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